About Gail

Gail was introduced to Pilates as a dance major while at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. After receiving a BFA in Dance, she performed with Chicago-based dance companies and in musical theater, eventually joining the national tour of McCoy Rigby's "Peter Pan" as understudy to Cathy Rigby. Her love of movement lead her to get certified in Pilates through the PMA-Certified Pilates Sports Center in Encino, CA, with master instructors Lora Anderson and Nichole Barreto at Pilates Studio City. Gail's education as a dancer impressed upon her that with proper alignment and use of the muscles, the body can function much more efficiently. The same principles make Pilates beneficial for everyone: it encourages working carefully and thoughtfully with the body, stretching and strengthening simultaneously, and allowing participants to move with more ease through everyday life.

Gail's teaching experience spans from fitness clients seeking more athleticism, to those recovering from injury and musculo-skeletal conditions. She has worked with disc issues, generalized low back pain, hip replacements, shoulder pain, scoliosis, and diastesis recti, as well as general imbalances; and is certified to instruct Pre- and Post-natal clients. She continues her professional development through workshops, conferences, and her own study and training.