When I first started working with Gail, I had never really done Pilates in a formal setting. Now I feel confident that I could go into any Pilates class and be comfortable. She is a wonderful teacher for students at any level. During our first session together, Gail made sure that she knew which areas I most wanted to focus on and if I had any injuries that she should know about. This put me at ease right away and assured me that she would always take those things into consideration when teaching me. When I told her that I have back pain at various times, she taught me exercises to strengthen my back and core. I have seen a great reduction in the frequency and severity of my back pain because of these exercises! She is very good at explaining exactly what exercises we are doing, and most importantly, why we are doing them. What I most love about Gail's classes and one-on-one training sessions is that she always changes them up and makes each class fresh. She always throws in new exercises, and constantly challenges me as a student. I can honestly say that Gail has made me really love and appreciate Pilates!"--Shannon Winston (Los Angeles, CA)

Working with Gail has been amazing. I say amazing because until you work with her, you cannot imagine what the results FEEL LIKE. I am a beginning student and Gail really took the time to establish the basics and is extremely motivational. As we get deeper into the exercises I realize that she is a patient and caring teacher but always pushes you to the next level and even excites you about it.

Gail has really focused on my needs for improved alignment to help with my lower back pain. After only a few weeks I've found myself naturally sitting up properly and I feel taller after leaving a session with Gail. It's sooo wonderful waking up in the morning without rolling over in pain. Thank you Gail!

Running is very important to me and Gail has made it a more enjoyable experience but helping me with my flexibility as well. Gail has taught me how to take a time every day to ensure better flexibility, and has offered me a routine to follow that makes improving easy when we have a session. In my next marathon I'm planning to break the 4-hour mark! Wish me luck! And?Thanks again Gail!!!" --Ethan West Distance Runner and Actor (Los Angeles, CA)

Gail's dance and movement pedigree shines brightly in her Pilates method; she cares for her clients' results--bringing both a unique patience and attention to detail to the lessons she conducts on mat and machines."--Dave Martel (Los Angeles, CA)